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Design & Technology at The Pines

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

- Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc.

Vision and Intent

Technology is an ever growing and holds a prevalent part of our culture as well as our children’s learning.  From adapting and innovating current mechanisms to inventing new creations, our children are surrounded by technology.   At The Pines School, we aim to draw and enhance on skills through other subjects such as Maths, Art and Science, but also seek for our children to explore DT and its impact on daily life and the wider world through a range of ways.


By providing an array of opportunities for our children to be designers and technologists in various contexts, we aim for our children to

  • being able to research, develop, plan and communicate ideas within a group, encouraged to turn their ideas into a reality through the use of working with tools, equipment, materials and components.
  • build upon a wide range of skills such as creativity, taking risks and problem solving skills to find solutions to difficulties they enabling them to evaluate and reflect upon the processes and choices that they have made.
  • develop a critical understanding and flourishes their independence, adaptability and curiosity
  • unlock their potential through the requirements of the Design and Technology National Curriculum be ambitious and grow up wanting to be architects, graphic designers, chefs or builders in order to be prepared for the responsibilities, experiences and career opportunities for the future.


Our Curriculum Drivers are reflected throughout D&T Curriculum:

Enables children to explore and celebrate THEIR PLACE IN THEIR WORLD by learning about and embracing a range of designs and how technology is used across a variety of cultures around the world.


Enriches children's LANGUAGE AND ORACY by introducing them to specific vocabulary which enables them to understand the making process and also encourages them to express their views and opinions on the work of others as well as their own.


Through learning about how things work as well as learning to design and make functional products for particular purposes and users, Design and Technology promotes the importance of LEARNING SKILLS, such as collaboration with others, resilience, flexibility and the ability to problem solve. 


The values of Design and Technology as a subject which can help promote the HEALTHY BODY AND HEALTHY MIND of the pupils within our school. By creating product that they can see, touch – and even taste – for themselves our children are encouraged to feel proud of their final product and the skills they have developed throughout the process.


Teachers at The Pines School follow a clear progression of skills which ensure all pupils are challenged in -line with expectations within their year group and given the opportunity to build on their prior knowledge. Through the cycle of Research, Develop own ideas, Make a final idea and Evaluate children are also engaged with the 6 principles of DT:

  • USER: to have a clear idea of who they are designing/making the product for.-
  • PURPOSE: to be able to communicate the purpose of the product they are designing/making
  • FUNCTIONALITY: to design a product that works and functions effectively to fulfil the user’s needs
  • DESIGN DECISIONS: to make own design opportunities, explore their own decisions and choices
  • INNOVATION: opportunities to be original with their thinking, develop and explore their own ideas incorporating the essential skills involved in the process
  • AUTHENTICITY: to make products that are believable, real, and meaningful to themselves and others, not just replicating ideas.


Through educational visits where teachers plan for additional design and technology learning outside the classroom, children have opportunities to visit local museums, food establishments and had visitors into school to share learning and have had hands on experiences.  Teachers make use of the extensive grounds and outdoor learning area when planning for their students and seek to develop more opportunities for children to engage in D&T.


At The Pines, teachers choose to teach D&T in various ways. We use subject curricular links where possible in order to develop in depth knowledge and make connections. When appropriate, lessons are also blocked to encourage and motivate children’s creativity and for children to be supported with the relevant materials.


Alongside our curriculum provision for design and technology, we also provide pupils with the opportunity to participate in DT based after school clubs. As a result of providing various opportunities for D&T, children understand the need for new products and innovation and learn how and why these products function.

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By implementing D&T in this way, children appreciate and develop an understanding of the importance of design decisions and how they impact the end product. Evaluating their end product will enable children to develop a critical understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world.


Overall, as designers and technologists, children will develop transferable skills and attributes that can be used beyond school and into adulthood and future careers. They will be able to use time more resourcefully, be able to communicate well with others, show initiative, independence, adaptability and manage risks effectively. Ultimately, by equipping our children with these skills in D&T, we hope that children at The Pines School will be well-rounded citizens who will make a difference in our community and the wider world.

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