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Teacher Bio

Welcome to The Orchard - the place where we come together to learn! My name is Miss Vancuylenberg and I am the class teacher of The Orchard. I love to read lots of different books that take me to new places and most especially where there is always a hero ready to save the day! I am ever ready to travel to exciting places where I can learn about different cultures around the world and taste different cuisines. I have also climbed two of the UK’s most well-known mountains- Scafell Pike and Snowdon. It was incredibly high- but the view from the top was spectacular! When I am at home, there is nothing else I like doing more than dancing and making lots of different things from yummy bakes to sewing and painting.


There is so much to look forward to this year. I am delighted to join in all the exciting learning journeys we will be making. I have been planning lots of exciting lessons and with the help of Mrs Stepien, Miss Wells and Miss Jennings, we will help you learn and achieve your very best. Let the adventure begin! 


Class Routines

Start time: 8.40am - 8.55am

Finish time: 3.10pm


The Orchard has been created to support young people with a variety of needs and pupils within our school. The aim of The Orchard is for the pupils to:


  • have the potential ability to access their year group curriculum and be comfortable in a classroom environment but, for reasons associated with their communication and interaction difficulties or learning and additional needs, be unable to make sufficient progress or fulfil their potential in a whole class placement.

  • have access to a curriculum that is personalised to their needs relating to the outcomes on their EHCP/IPM

  • be comfortable in a classroom environment and have a level of cognition and language that enables them to access at least some of the whole class curriculum and learning environment.

  • benefit from small group intervention work to meet their needs identified within their EHCP or specific targets set by outside agencies.

  • benefit from regular sensory input and breaks built in-to their school day.

  • benefit from attending some of their year group classes and from regular social interaction with their peers.

  • access additional specialist support, in order to successfully achieve their educational outcomes.

  • gain strategies to manage increasing independence in their learning and achieve their full potential through the additional support and targeted intervention available.


Our regular PE lessons are as follows:

Reception- Friday 

Year 2- Wednesday & Friday

On these days, children should come to school wearing their PE kit. 

In our first week back into school, we will be diving into learning all about Africa. Through reading the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne, we will be able to gain different experiences and engage in various opportunities which will enable children to learn about Africa. Children will be able to identify some of the wonderful animals that live in Africa by describing what they look like. We will also be using our senses to explore some of the scrumptious fruits that the hungry animals stole from Handa’s basket. 


These learning opportunities have been driven by our Curriculum Drivers:

  • Our Place in Our World
  • Language and Oracy
  • Learning Skills
  • Healthy Body and Mind

Current learning:


We spend time every day learning and using our phonics.  We use this to help us with our reading and writing. 


Reading: We read as often as possible and apply our phonics learning to help us. 


Fine Motor Skills: We are always doing lots of activities that make our hands strong.  We do lots of cutting, threading, play-doh work.  All these things are fun and we are getting stronger at the same time.


Speech and Language: We work on any specific targets that have been set for specific children as well as ongoing activities to develop understanding of language.


Social Skills: We spend a lot of time supporting social interaction through guided play activities and small group work. 


We work hard to follow all the specific elements in each child's individual provision map to ensure that targets from EHCPs are met.

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Star of the Week 

A big well done our STARS of the week!

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