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The Orchard

Mixed Year

Mrs Chandler, Mrs Stepien and Miss Wells


Welcome to The Orchard - the place where we come together to learn.


Start time: 8.40am


Finish time: 3.10pm


The Orchard has been created to support young people with a variety of needs and pupils within our school. The aim of The Orchard is for the pupils to:


  • Have the potential ability to access their year group curriculum and be comfortable in a classroom environment but, for reasons associated with their communication and interaction difficulties or learning and additional needs, be unable to make sufficient progress or fulfil their potential in a whole class placement.
  • Have access to a curriculum that is personalised to their needs relating to the outcomes on their EHCP/IPM
  • Are comfortable in a classroom environment and have a level of cognition and language that enables them to access at least some of the whole class curriculum and learning environment.
  • Would benefit from small group intervention work to meet their needs identified within their EHCP or specific targets set by outside agencies.
  • May benefit from regular sensory input and breaks built in-to their school day.
  • Will benefit from attending some of their year group classes and from regular social interaction with their peers.
  • Will access additional specialist support, in order to successfully achieve their educational outcomes.
  • Will gain strategies to manage increasing independence in their learning and achieve their full potential through the additional support and targeted intervention available.

Learning this half term:

English: We became story tellers and retold familiar stories.  We enjoyed learning The Rainbow Fish and also Dear Zoo.  We came up with lots of different ways that we could change the stories to make them our own versions. 

Next half term we will be doing lots of work on The Enormous Turnip story.


Maths: We have been practicing our number counting.  We are enjoying dancing and counting to Jack Hartman.

We are also learning how to add 2 numbers together to find out how many 'altogether'.

Click on the link below to join in with our fun. 

Next half term we will be carrying on with addition and counting. 


Other learning:

Attention bucket:  We love our Attention Bucket session every day.  We are learning to look and listen during this as well as patiently waiting for our turn.  We really like it when we get messy during this time. 

Fine Motor Skills: We are always doing lots of activities that make our hands strong.  We do lots of cutting, threading, playdoh work.  All these things are fun and we are getting stronger at the same time. 

Independence: We have trays with activities in them that we can do by ourselves.  We are learning that we can do things by ourselves if we try really hard. 

Attention bucket time

Fine Motor skills

Becoming independent