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SEND Provision


The Pines School has a named SENDCo who has undertaken the Government SENDCo qualification and a named Governor responsible for Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). They ensure that the SEND policy works within the guidelines and inclusion policies of the 2014 SEN Code of Practice (DfES 2014), the local authority and other policies current in the school.


A child or young person has special educational needs (SEND) if they have a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special education and provision to be made for him or her. This may occur for the whole or part of their journey through The Pines.


At The Pines, we strongly believe that every child, including those with special educational needs, should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential in school. Our aim is always to be fully inclusive, meeting the needs of every child in the most appropriate way.


All staff are teachers of educational needs and are aware of the procedures for identifying, assessing, monitoring and making provision for any child with a special education need.


Our SENCo is Mrs Claire Chandler


What are we proposing?


In September 2022, the current pupils will move to a Key Stage 2 provision which aims to grow to 10 pupils for Key stage 2.  We will accept at least 2 pupils from Reception to continue to grow the Key Stage 1 provision, increasing to a maximum of 10 by 2025.  Meaning we will have a provision for up to 10 in Key stage 1 and 10 in Key stage 2.


Pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) at The Pines Primary School


Our school vision and motto is Be Your Best


Believe: We are a community who inspire all to believe in themselves and hold courageous aspirations.

Excellence: Through a fun and engaging curriculum we develop the skills to excel as lifelong learners.

Safe: We take responsibility for the safety of ourselves, others and the environment.

Team: We nurture a culture of respect, kindness and collaboration so that we can be the best team.


Our vision to ‘Be Your Best’ is at the heart of all that we do at The Pines and we believe that every child can succeed. We want all members of our school community to have high aspirations and to feel confident about the future, looking forward to the opportunities it will bring.  This will include all pupils with SEND and we have a desire to ensure our pupils with SEND are part of an inclusive environment with high quality provision.


Our staff already have good skills in teaching and supporting children with autism and other SEND in an inclusive way. The Headteacher, staff and governors all feel that having the specially resourced provision (SRP) will be a natural extension to the work we already do in the school


What physical changes are required to the school?

A number of improvements would be made to The Pines Primary, as part of the proposal that would benefit all pupils. These would include:


  • Developing the outside area of The Orchard (Summer 2022)
  • Resourcing and setting up The Grove for September 2022


These improvements would be carried out with as little disruption to the school as possible.  The Orchard provision would continue as normal.


How would this affect staff at the school?

As a school we would support shared teaching and learning in both the SRP and Mainstream by ensuring that planning is shared with appropriate year group teachers.  The lead teacher/SENCO will have weekly meetings with class teachers to ensure there is a shared approach to the education of the children in the SRP. 


We envisage that all pupils in the SRP would be welcomed into class for pre-arranged and regular lessons.  All teachers and TAs would spend time in the SRP getting to know the children in their calm low stimulus environment and observing strategies in place to support their individual needs.  This would ensure a positive transition into the mainstream classrooms and create positive relationships between all involved.







I have recently found a useful support group for parents of children on the autistic spectrum. 

This service is free and offers free workshops to attend as well as individual support for families.