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Mrs Thomas

Miss Ward

Mrs Hatchett

Welcome to our class page. We hope you will find it useful and it will let you know what we are currently learning about in school.


Also working in Nursery are Mrs Hatchett, Miss Ward, and Mrs Quarterman.

Class Routines


Drop Off Time: 8.45am

Collection Time: 11.45am (Morning session only)

Drop Off Time: 12.15pm (Afternoon session only)

Collection Time: 3.15pm (Full day session)


Library books changed :Wednesday 

P.E Day: Friday

Children will wear PE kit to school on Friday

Current Learning:

This term our theme is 'Traditional Tales'. Each week we will focus on a different traditional tale.These will include: The Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread man, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and Jack and the beanstalk. We will be exploring the stories through books, puppets and acting. In Maths we will be working on measures. We will be comparing and ordering items by height, weight, length and capacity. In Phonics we are focusing on identifying objects that start with the same sound. We will look at one sound a week starting with 's'. Alongside our Traditional Tales topic we will be looking different occupations such as builders, firemen, and doctors. 


The children have to opportunity to choose a library book each Wednesday to bring home to share with you. Please enjoy together and return each Wednesday to be changed.


In the Moment Planning:

In the moment planning is the name given to the moment when an adults join a child in their play and extends their learning. This could be by done by offering new vocabulary, by helping them to work out how to solve a problem, by showing different skills and techniques, or by providing additional resources to support their play.

Here in Nursery we do this numerous times a session with all children. We have decided the best way to share these moments with you is through a focus week.

Each term your child will have one week where they will be a focus child. This means Nursery adults will record your child's learning moments and take photos of them to send to you at the end of the week. We will inform you the week before that your child is going to be a focus child, and will ask you to let us know what they are doing at home. 




What we have been up to in Nursery.