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Assemblies and music


Our assemblies are a way for us to come together as a school community. We gather together as a whole school each Monday and Friday and then on other days children have assemblies in their phases, year groups or classes. 


Each week we have an assembly theme that might be linked to religious festivals, national days, our school values or British values or any number of other topics. 

Each week, we have an assembly focused on reading where books and stories are shared to promote a love of reading and to expose the children to range of texts and authors. We also have a music assembly each week where children learn to sing songs and also where they find out about different musicians and composers, gaining experience of a wide range of musical genres.


Our Friday Celebration Assemblies are lively, joyful occasions where we celebrate successes from our school community. We give out Headteacher Awards for one child per class who has stood out for demonstrating the school values or who has particularly impressed their teacher that week. Adults in school can also be nominated to receive a Headteacher award by other adults or by children. We love to hear about the outcomes of sporting events and to celebrate any significant achievements from outside school.

Lockdown Assemblies

During lockdown, we created virtual assemblies so that children could still experience being part of our whole school community while they were at home. When school re-opened, we kept our assemblies on-line for a period of time as classes were not mixing due to Covid-19. 


Our virtual assemblies can still be found here:

Mrs Hicks' assembly on Youtube: 

Tuesday 2nd March


Mrs Hicks' assembly on Youtube: 

Monday 1st March


Mrs Davies' assembly on Youtube: 

Monday 22nd February


Mrs Hicks' assembly on Youtube: 

Monday 8th February


Mrs Davies' assembly on Youtube: 

Monday 18th January 

Songs to learn

Try learning some of these songs so that when we re-open we can sing them together:


Don't Give Up On Me


Chocolate Song


Spring Chicken


Wake Up, Shake Up


A Million Dreams


The Bare Necessities




You've Got a Friend in Me


Summer Term Assemblies