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Year 3

Mrs Mossom and Mrs Smith


Hi Hawthorn! We have missed you since we closed and hope you are all getting on okay at home. Welcome to our class page. We will use this page for information about learning you can complete at home, suggestions of activities and games and to share photos (see lower down).


While you are at home, one of the most important things you can do is readread and read again!


Packs of Learning

You have all got your packs of learning that were sent home from school. These are designed to last two school weeks. 


Each day:

- Complete one of the English tasks in your learning pack

- Complete one of the Maths tasks in your learning pack

~ Read for 20 minutes (or more!)

~ Practise your times tables - this could be playing Times Table Rock Stars (password in the front of your orange book)

~ Complete a reading comprehension on the Read Theory website (password in the front of your orange book)


If you still have plenty of energy and time, try one of the activities from your Homework Challenge Grid. How many points can you earn?


Don’t forget to send us photos of you learning or of your completed work to


Perhaps you could send a photo of you reading one of your reading books and share a comment about what you are enjoying about the book!

Recommended Websites:




Read Theory

Reading Games



Spelling Frame - activities to practise spelling patterns and rules



The Quest of Comma Castle

Spelling and Grammar









Times Table Rockstars

Top Marks 7-11

Radius of the Lost Arc


Word Problems

Maths Playground -you'll need paper ready for your working out!


Problem Solving and Reasoning

Nrich - mathematical games and problems

Learning while at home


Art 1
Art 2 Creating hand x-ray art
Art 3
Picture 1 Use base 10 to practise adding.
Picture 2 Great discussion while investigating a problem!