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Mr Casella


Welcome to the Willow class page! Here you will find lots of information about what we are doing this term as well as information about our routines, PE days and our weekly 'Star of the Week'! Firstly, let me give you some information about myself:



I love reading and talking to people about the books that I read. My favourite types of stories are ones that take the reader on adventures to new and amazing places. I support Chelsea football club and enjoy playing and watching lots of different sports including football, tennis, golf, boxing and running. My favourite film is Jurassic Park because ever since I was little, I have enjoyed anything to do with dinosaurs. One of my greatest passions is acting and I have been in lots of plays and musicals, as well as doing lots of singing. I studied drama at University. I have been teaching at The Pines for six years and I have enjoyed every year that I have spent here. Luckily, my favourite colour is green which is both the colour of The Pines logo and my car! I am really looking forward to being your teacher next year and seeing how much you will learn and grow as members of The Pines family.




Willow class will start the day at 8:40 and finish the day at 3:10. You will come into school and leave school using the Year 2 cloakroom door. 


Your child will bring home a new reading book and these will be changed twice a week. 




Our regular PE lessons are on Thursday and Friday. 


We will do PE outside whenever it is possible. Please make sure your child has suitable outdoor PE kit, including outdoor shoes, in school at all times. Children will be expected to wear their PE kit to school on the PE days. PE kits will go home on Fridays to be washed. Children will not be able to borrow spare PE kit.  


Current Learning:


Nocturnal Nature

During this half term we will be looking at nocturnal animals and focussing our work around the night time and different celebrations that occur as well as having strong science focus on animals including humans. 


English: In English, we will be writing a non fiction piece of work in the genre of a fact file about a made up nocturnal animal. We will then move on to letter writing and poetry as we approach Christmas. 


Maths: Learning in Maths will focus on addition and subtraction methods. 


Geography: We will use maps to locate the different countries of the UK, their capital cities and the seas surrounding them.


Science: We will be learning about hoe to class different animals based on their physical structure and the habitats within which they live. This will include mammals, amphibians, fish, reptiles and birds.


ART/DT: The children will be doing collage work in the style of Emma Gale and learning her methods to produce a collage about a nocturnal animal. 


PE: PE lessons will give children opportunities to practice their skills in team games. We are excited to be working with sports coaches for some of our PE lessons. 


Music: In music we will be learning to listen and appraise different songs, find the pulse, listen to rhythms and clap them back. 


PSHE: Our PSHE learning will be all about relationships. We will learn about making friends, managing secrets and recognising things in common and differences.


Computing: The unit develops children's ability to create using digital media. They will be creating a media digital painting. 

Pictures of our learning




Our star of the week this week is EMMA! Emma has been improving with the quantity of work that she has been producing and has already written the first part of her HOT TASK with lovely handwriting and presentation. Well done and keep up the good work, Emma!


(Check out our previous stars of the week too! Simply click their picture to find out who it was and when they were given the award)

Photos of our learning!

Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words

Recommended Websites: - quickfire number games to help children learn basic number facts - Number games to reinforce the concept of place value - Fun songs with actions to teach many learning concepts in English, Maths and other subjects. This is my new favourite resource! - Loads of story telling, poetry and punctuation short films to watch. - Useful Maths short films to watch. Fractions and telling the time would be particularly good ones to try. - Games from any of the Maths categories will really help your child practise skills they have learnt at school. - great game for learning common exception words.


Our expectations for homework are as follows: 

Reading: Reading aloud with an adult progressing to more independent reading as often as possible. 

Spellings: Children should be able to spell all words on the Statutory Word Lists for year 1/2.  

Times Tables: Children should be able to count in 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s. they will begin to learn 2, 5, 10x tables by heart.

Project: Each half term, children are expected to complete a project that is linked to their current topic.