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Statistics Revision

Here you will find a LARGE selection of activities that you can use to recap or revise the statistics learning you have been completing over the last few weeks.


I have put the activities in order of what I feel is the least to most challenging, however, this will be different for everyone and they may find line graphs a lot easier to understand than pictograms!


Each presentation has three different levels that increase in challenge - deep, deeper and deepest.

You can decide how much or how little of each objective you wish to attempt.


Most have the answers when you click the slides on, so have your paper and pen ready to note down your thoughts and see if you are correct. If you are not, look at the question and the answer again, and see if you can work out why.


Some of the more discussion and reasoning type questions do not have specific answers, so perhaps try to complete those when you have some time with support at home.


There are many to choose from so I do not expect you to complete them all! This is your time to revise so work on those you think would be best!


The last link is a BBC website which has some information on page 3, 5 and an activity on 6 which relate to grouping data. I know this was one that some found trickier to understand!

Grouping Data - Continuous and Discrete